My Wife Pregnant By Her Black Boss

im a poor man  im 26 and my wife is 21  and she is peregnant 8 monthe
 10 monthes ago we decided to have a baby so we didnt use condom  she got pregnant
but two dayes agoshe admited that she didnt pregnant by me and baby isnt mine
she said she had her bosses black baby has in stomach and she said i have to deal with that
she kmow i love her so much and i cant live without her so i dont know what i have to do now
i have to raise a black baby it so humilated me beacause peaple will understant imnot her father and my wife slept with other she said she alwayes like to have a black baby so she decided to have a real man like her 30 years boss sowhat i have to do now?
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she cheated on you then told you it was another man's baby and then tells you to deal with it she is not worth loving at all specially if she is going interracial on you making you the cuckold where you are the father to her and her lovers child while u are force to watch or wait while she ***** another man im tell you right not get Rid of her and watch how fast she will come crowling back to you cause her Black Boss will not want to take her in speically if he is married and when she comes crowling back you go tell her to go to hell and think about this when u finally do get some ***** just think of how many ***** and *** has been inside of her she problly will make u eat her ***** out while having *** from another man inside her now tell me do u want to be that kind of guy id rather be living alone or with my parents then live with a **** who will **** other men and well let her *** take care of her self she did this not you so in all GET RID OF HER!

with all due respect, let her go! if she always wanted a black baby, tell her, why dont u have the black man also? She's not worth it.

Dude this is B.S. You most likely are a black male trying to fuel that myth of the week white man (pathetic). I'm Hispanic I live among victim mentality people (Hispanic and Black). Anything goes as long as you get some stupid sense of satisfaction or retribution, take responsibility for your actions do your best to better your people instead of trying to bring down what you consider to be your enemy (White people). The way you frame your words gives you away, any one that has studied a minimum of psychology or anthropology can see through this B.S. Not to mention that I have seen this before many time (lost some friends over this).

How can she be shore that it is a mixed baby, obviously you ****** her as well.

Why does it matter that he's black? Would it help you sleep at night if he was a white man that your wife cheated on you with? Please just divorce her because I would hate to hear on the news about a little innocent girl being abused or killed because of her pathetic racist step father.

You must continue loving your wife and the baby, you must raise it as your own and you must continue to let her have sex with him while you stay home and watch the baby

bro if u r ok with it that best of luck to u but if ur wife is forcing u to do it(which u r saying) kick her *** & divorce her. need to turn into a gay man (play the very sissy role) or join a monk covenant for 20 years and go within yourself and find your power...

become the cuckold if u want to stay as she surely thinks your not a real man

you divorce her. simple. don't be a *****.

kick that nasty **** out. Sleeping with an inferior piece of trash and then talking **** about you. She is a worthless piece of **** that deserves to die. But what you should do is get a prenatal paternity test done to prove she committed adultry, or get your lawyer to file for legal seperration on the grounds that she is a worthless animal lover. Then when everything comes back the you are not the father you will not owe that worthless **** anything ecxept a swift kick in the *** on her way out the door to the curb where she belongs. Then go find yourself a real woman. There are far better women out there than ignorant animal lovers. If a white woman wants a black baby she is an ignorant piece of trash. Seriously if you want to have a happy life, get rid of the worthless ****.

Its dickheads like you that keep those white women running(and *******) to our beds. Blame, Obama(Its what your kind dies, right). Thanks for keeping us(black men) in a steady flow of white 'tang!

You've lost a woman to black man, huh? Good for her......we're all doing our part(even you racists) in the 'browning' of America!

And as for "being equal"........... you're right. We will never be equal least, your women think so. Keep spouting your antiquated rhetoric. Keeps the women running to us. The country has passed you by. Have fun in 1955!

Love to do my bit to ensure you keep on top lol

agree with u & if u r unemployed u can say u r dependent on her & take alimony from her.

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I fully agree with Sarge1064.
Everyone will be laughing at your pathetic ***,
a disgrace and a poor excuse of a man.
Talk is always cheap when the story is good,
and the tale grows taller as it goes down the line.
Every guy around will be wanting a crack at her,
as you're not man enough to do anything about it.

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!! She's as much your wife as a gnu! Get rid of that good for nuthin' and get a lawyer! BIG CASINO!!!!! She and HIM wrecked your marriage, willingly and willfully! PLUS: He is her BOSS; he committed sexual harassment in the workplace and it affected YOU; DOUBLE BIG CASINO!!! It's payday, chum! Just send me a check fer 10% for the free advice!! Or do you enjoy being looked down on by everyone in your life?? Including (down the road) this little miscegnated child who will themself ever be an object of a fetish experience for your wife.

Just get used to the fact that you married a ****. Enjoy it