Wife In Mexico

when my wife was 18 she went to Mexico on a class trip. She got home and two weeks later was pregnant, and claimed it was mine.  I did the math and knew there was no way it could be.  I assured her it was ok, but to be honest.  She insisted it was mine, however a few years later afterr we married i finally got the truth out of her.  On the 3rd day she was at a club and was extremely drunk, anyways she ended up on the beach with some guy from NY and  he must have ****** her cause her friend found her with her skirt up and her panties missing.   All she remembers is he was tall, blond hair, and he was on top before she passed out.  She didnt even know his name...

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Damn now I am going to send my wife on vacation to Mexico see if the same thing happens to her

nothing is more sexier than not knowing who is father of ur child

After the birth of their first child, you are in conversation "cushion" should hint to his wife "-the way you would like to again on vacation in Mexico?"

Its when She gets pregnant from black guys that the family realise she is a ****, until then you can accept her promiscuity in private.

What a great Wife! I hope she still shares it around.