I was driving home from Target with my husband and daughter.  She was in her car seat in the back, I had my seat belt on, but my husband, like a dumb *** didn't have his on.  We were 2 blocks from our house when he saw a cop at a stop sign.  So my husband started to pull at the seat belt to get it on.  The cop saw him.  He ended up turning on his lights 5 houses from my place.  Damn it!!!!

He asked for both of our licences and my registration and insurance. After what seemed like an hour he got out of his patrol car and came over, handed me all our stuff back and wrote my husband a warning.  He said that we seemed like good people so that was all he was going to give.  Oh, and my fix it ticket for my registration because I just moved and it doesn't have my current address on it.  Great I was going to the DMV tomorrow anyway, because my tags are due this month and I haven't received my paperwork yet!

I have to say having my daughter in the back always seems to help.  I have been pulled over another time for not using my blinker (that is a whole other story) and got a warning.

I would have been so pissed if I got a ticket because my husband wasn't wearing his seat belt.  To this day I still have not gotten a real ticket.

J21883 J21883
26-30, F
Feb 19, 2009