About a week ago I was on my college campus and I was sitting down to eat and I accidentally spilt my drink on this girl. While I tried to apologize she shoved me. I was thinking I was gunna crush this girl, I'm 5'4 and 160lbs, but I didn't think about the fact that I haven't worked out a day in my life, and I have a soft plump belly. She on the other hand is around 5'7 and probably 120. I shoved her against a wall and she hit my belly with an open hand. This knocked the wind out of me and when she felt her hand sink in with no resistance at all, she knew she found my weak spot. She punched me in the belly and I went down, then when I hit the ground she pulled my hands away from my belly she spiked her fingers into the softness of my belly until I blacked out. I'm starting to regret being so soft and out of shape.
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sounds like someone needs to work on their abs!

Be glad that when you went down she didn't begin kicking you in your belly.

Ya she could've done anything she wanted to. I am thankful she wasn't a psychopath and like almost kill me

Yea. She could have had a friend who held your arms behind your back then repeatedly punched you in your belly. Are you working out? Do you still see her?

He'll no I'm not working out lol. And if she saw me I would be at her mercy. I'm way to fat and slow she would hurt my belly