"i Got Rapped By My Cousin "

I was only 14 when my cousin rapped me ..... me and my family went back to my country for vacation and to meet our relatives so we went to the village side the weather was amazing i was soo happy ..in one night it was raining really badd i could not see me own hands and it raiend suddenly so everybody started to run to shelter themselves so i was traped with my cousin it was ok  we talked alittle as usuall he was my friend and sudenly he said "KISS ME " and i laughed cuz i thought he was joking but he was soo angery and shouted at me and told me "stop laughin"am not kidiing wid u jus kiss me  so i told him no am not going to kiss u you and u better behave so he slaped meeh and went on top of me and removed my pants i screamed really loud but no one can hear me it is rainy outside and i felt his ********* inside my vagina i was a vargine and it hurts soo bad he even bunched me that i could not see infront of me and started to suck and lick my vagina although i was bleeding and he kept on beating me really bad and rapping me touch me evry where after a hour and a half he stopped and told me u can't tell anybody becuz (as i am a muslim this will be like destroying my family lie and  i will be killed ) or u know what happens here they will simply kill u so i did not speak :(  ,the day when we were going back and we were saying goodbye to every body mom told me to bring her bag from inside becuz we are late so i ran and when i entered he came behind me and catched my vagina really tidly and told me this is our little secret am 18 know and am still scared of him i regret not telling my parents about him but till know am scared to tell them 

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its common in islam to rape and plunder

complete bullshit haha

really a bad chapter in your life.. try to forget it and get over.. with your new love..

hi dear i m sorry about u

Sucks for u ***** I love sex it feels so good

Imblackandproud is so pathetic ! I thick he must be having sex wiv his dad

don t worry everything will be ok as long as you are not pregnant

I'd do that to you... I'd force your mouth on to my big black ****

You butch

Go **** yourself

**** off, dumb ****.

You're a ******* sick *********

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Tell your parents even tho your older now he won't get killed he problably just said that so you won't tell that he rapped you... I'M SO SORRY SWEETIE im crying nowww

you should tell them about it no matter what you always have ur right and yes its never late to tell .

you should ve told your parents about what happen, and its never to late