Got Raped By My Brother &i Cousin

When I was around the age of 5 I remember my brother touching my private parts, I don't remember everything(thank god) but I have flashes of me being in a bathroom giving him oral sex and crying because I didn't want to do it. I know that went on for years because I remember being a little older. My mom..well my mom was always busy with her boyfriends or "work" she always had something more important to do other than being home. We had to move to my aunts house since we had no where to go and he raped me....a few times. I told my mom. Not once, not twice but three times!! She never did or say anything! In fact she would still force me to be "polite" to them.. but I do however remember telling my second oldest brother. And he beat him up so badly that we had to move somewhere else. But that didn't stop my oldest brother from molesting me..not just me but my sister too. I hated him so much. And I always protected my sister. It was like don't do it to her, do it to me. Just because I didn't want to see my sister get hurt. Years passed and my mom got full custody of just my sister & I. My brothers had to live with my dad. But not more than a year later my oldest brother decided to move in with us. My sister and I were so scared. And again I told my mom! She didn't believe me, I guess. She still allowed him to move in but my sis and I were older. We would sleep in the same bed and take care of each other. But he was very perverted. And my mom would allowed him to hit us. Throw us on the walls, kick us, slap us, hit us with a belt, cables, sticks..anything and everything. We were so scared & young. We didn't want to call the cops or tell anyone. If my mom didn't do anything why would anyone do? I just wish I could restart my memory and forget everything. I hate my mom so much. I hate them with a passion but yet I still don't wish them any harm. I just want them away from me and my life. &I to this point my mom still doesn't understand why I feel this way......
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