My Cousin Raped Me

I'm 13 years old, so is my cousins, he's a couple weeks younger than me. Hes always weird around me and asks weird things like if I find him attractive, hes very very unattractive to me, hes alot bigger than me and isnt very clean. We hang out a lot because his moms my moms only sister. We stayed the night at my grandmas house alone because she had to work in the morning and i woke up to fingers touching my "down there" I knew it was him, he did it for awhile, i pretended to be sleep. I kicked aiittle bit and acted like I woke up a few times but he didn't stop. He'd just quickly pull up my underwear and run out of the room. Hed lay on top of me and kiss me, he stopped when his mom got there to pick us up. I didn't tell anyone, until one of my other cousins came over and i felt really embarresed, I tried not to hang around him alot without my mom noticing I was tying to avoid being with him. On thanksgiving night we were at my house and he snuck into my room and layed on my couch for awhile then turned on the light and started touching me again but he stuck it in me. I never thought he would do that esspecialy with family in the house. I would never have the guts to tell anyone. I hate him so much.
RayneIve RayneIve
Dec 15, 2012