I Was Raped By My Cousin

It all started when I was 13 . My cousin who was 2 years older then me and was living with me and my family, and I had to share a room with him. Within the first 2 months of him living with us he started to touch me down there while i was laying in bed and tell me how tight I was and that he wanted to shove his thing in me. And then he would feel my breasts and say how much he wanted to suck on them. And then he would tell me not to tell anyone or he'd kill me. So I didn't . Then one weekend my parents left for the weekend, and he took advantage. I woke up that Saturday to my hands tied up and him groping me. He started to finger me ferociously and suck my breasts . Then he got on top of me and forced me to suck his penis while he ate me out. And if IDE stop he would hit me. After a while he came in my mouth and made me swallow it. Then he took the wetness from my vagina and made me eat it . It was disgusting . Then he put on a condom and I started to scream and cry . Then he shoved a sock in my mouth so I couldn't scream . Then he stuck his penis inside of me, and I was a virgin so I was bleeding but he wouldn't stop . He raped me for an hour and then finished inside of me. Then he shoved a hairbrush inside me and started ****** me in the butt. Once he came inside me butt , he stuck another hairbrush into my butt and then took an electric toothbrush and taped it to my vagina . And he started to record it . This went on for the whole weekend . I never told anyone. Then at school he texted me in class and said "come to the boys lockerroom or I'll send the video to everyone,so I did . When I got there he had 2 other friends and they all raped me . This went on until he graduated 2 years later .
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