My Own Mother Raped Me...

One night, I was out late drinking alot...I staggered into one of my friends. He has a car he drove me home i smashed into the front door. "Holy shiz what the hell is this a.." My mom opened the door. She was wearing a angel-white nightie, And matching white panties. She has a good 27-inch ****, And a good 39-inch ***. I was so tired and drunk i just staggered and yelled: "I'M TIIIRRREEEEDDDDD!" Mom; "Honey, What the **** have you been drinking"
" put me to bed...." My mom carries me not to my room, To her room. "Mom...?" Mom pushes me on the bed, Rips off her night stuff, And undones my jacket my pants, And pratically RIPS off my underwear, A second later: --A huge monster c0ck- She jumps on me, Grabs my organ starts sucking it like a wild woman... "Mom: Your c0ck is big, I like it,.." She flips over and makes me stuff my organ in her barely used Pu$$y. Mom: "OH MY GOD ITS PAINFUL BUT ITS SO SWEEET!!" "Honey Do it longer and harder!" I keep on doing it, My **** got stuck in her *****.Mom: "Ooooohhh!!" I get it out, "Me: I'm cummming...." "She forces me into her pu$$y again, Her whole body is ******* and everything, Her pu$$y is having a spasm..A couple minutes later, Can you guess? "Snore." I wake up, My c0ck is still in her pu$$y..Its 10:38 AM."Oh my hellish god, I take out my organ roll off the bed, "God, Did i get raped or something....?" "Couple hours later, 12:45] I recall it all, Then i begin to write this.
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It was fake but even. If it wasn't. You didn't stop her you ****** perv

indeed very fake


dude you are one sick/twisted individual!

100% fake

Dude wtf

You wanted this and you got it!