I Shouldn't Of Gone Back

Basically a few weeks ago I went to a party and when we all got kicked out i went up to this boys house with 2 other boys I knew well, the boys house who it was was 20 years old and I am a lot younger than that... But anyway I left with the two boys I know well after 2 hours ish. And they walked me to the bottom of my street and walked off and I went home To discover I was locked out and had no way to get in bearing in mind it was the middle of November and I was in a dress and was freezing I realised I needed some where to stay and the only place I could think of where I would be welcome to stay at such a early hour in the Morning was the 20 year olds so I walked back up and he let me in I was very drunk and just colapsed in his bed I didn't really know what was going on I was just cold and wanted to sleep I then felt him kissing me neck and the next thing I knew he had pinned me down and was raping me i tried asking him to get off me loads of times and kept asking but he wouldn't he knew I wasn't enjoying it and didn't want to he then hit me in the face to shut me up that's when I realised what was happerning but I am very weak due to an eating disorder and couldn't get him off he eventually stopped after 2 hours and I got my bag and ran home as fast as I could... I want to tell the police because I feel he is very dangerous but feel like its all my fault for going back and it's really getting to me I don't know what to do :(
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it's never your fault,,what he did to you is mean , evil ,and needs to be punished for his evil deeds,,,he took you without your consent and used you for his selfish desires,,,report him before he does it again,,,or to another ,,he needs to be stopped,,,

He's really violent though and I'm scared what he will do to me :( I am only 15 now and he is 20 what if he comes looking for me :(

He will get a friend to hold your arms behind your back or if he is alone he will tie your wrists above your head. Either way you will pay. Violent punches will crush your belly, he will painfully jab your boobs badly bruising them. Your bellybutton will be the bullseye on his target. Y

Tell the police. Do not wait. Go tell them. Do Not Let this person do this again to some body else.

Remember, it is not your fault for having gone over there. He is the one that did this to you. He assaulted you.

It is important that you do not clean up, they will need any evidence on you of him if they are going to do an investigation. Please, this is your power calling. Call the police. He is not going to do anything to you. You have the power now to call the police and tell them what had happened and prevent this from happening again.