Me Too!

I was raped last year! It was a violent random attack! I knew the guy pretty well as i fancied himand he fancied me!!! but he jus didnt take nofor an answer!!!

I couldnt cope him being near him for the rest of the holiday and hated him touching where as i was a very cuddly person with him and would kiss and cuddle him or snuggly into him all the time!! I even told him how much iliked someone else so he knew he didnt really stand a chance!!

At the end of the holiday it had been forgotton about on his part but i only pushed it to the back of my mind!! To enjoy the rest of the holiday and not to let him spoil it!!

I went back to the same place later in the year and i was so scared i was sick before i went into the bar which he worked but he wasnt going to be there all the time i was over there which was a HUGE relief!!

I went back in May of this year and he was there!! I didnt show any nerves or hate i just acted as if everything was fine!!
I was scared inside but i didnt want to not enjoy my holiday!

We sat down on the first night and had a heart to heart and he asked me if i still liked the same guy and i said that i did!! (i do) And he said im sorry!!!

I never thought i would ever hear him say it but he apologised for what he did and he said he has felt so guilty about it!We are continuing the friendship as we were before anything happened!!
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3 Responses May 31, 2007

i'm so glad you haven't let it break you down! i find it mindboggling that you can still be around him - like cmost said - what a forgiving heart you have! i hope that will be the last bad thing that happens to you. :)

Well I find it amazing that you can still be friend after this. But if things are going ok, it is good because you are getting closure.

It is amazing that you are able to still be his friend after all that you went through. You have a forgiving heart and he is fortunate that you are so kind. I am glad that you are able to move past all that I know it is not easy.