death of a dream

loss of identity

i think that pretty much sums it up

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I was rejected by Oxford as well in 1971.
What I should have done is shrugged my shoulders and regrouped.

The thing is this i should have taken other courses at other more common universities and re-applied--which you are entitled to do every year.

Thirty years ago any degree from Oxford or Cambridge was worth a million dollars and i dare say the value has gone up.
Don't ever give up on your million dollar idea of getting your key into the right door and there are plenty of doors i have observed in those two Universities.

I took a summer course for lawyers at Downing College Cambridge in 1983, wrote
three exams and got a "B" average.
I took a summer course for lawyers at The Queen's College, Oxford in 1987 and got an A-

I am 64 and wish i'd hacked away more at getting a degree out of the place.

The school has nothing to say for your future, it's your ability to work hard for your goals that matters the most. I got rejected today and I feel like hell but it doesn't matter because nothing can change the fact that I got rejected. Sometimes life can be unfair but don't let it discourage you to work hard for what you believe in.

I know exactly what your going through having been through very something similar about 5 years ago, then a year later. No Oxford but a like minded institution (s).<br />
My advice is this is not the end of the world, right now it feels like it but it isn’t. Oxford, like many top schools is not filled with the brightest and best, its filled with arseholes, I’ve meat and known many. The sort of person that goes there goes there for the reason to gloat and lord it over others, because Oxford is a good “brand” but does not make good people. The film Orange Country summed this up perfectly.<br />
You have greatness in you and do not need an institution like Oxford or their acceptance to tell you that. When you understand this you can good forward, but remember the more you dwell on what isn’t the longer you hold off what could be.

Just got rejected too and that sums it up perfectly. Is life any better for you now?