The Best Revenge Is Living Well

I remember in high school there was a boy who broke my heart. He was a player and I got hurt, but I did get my revenge one day. It was the annual 4th of July fair in the town. It had been a few years since I had graduated and I was there with my new husband and baby. We were having a great time. My husband decided he wanted to go watch the fireworks from the other side of the street so he walked ahead of me and I followed, but there were so many people around I quickly lost sight of him. While I was standing in the street looking for where he went someone grabbed my arm. I looked over and there he was that good for nothing ******* who broke my heart. He was trying to be all suave and seductive. He asked if I remembered him. I was in no mood to mess with him I was preoccupied trying to find my way back to my husband so to get rid of him I just quickly said no and tried to walk away. He seemed very upset at the fact that I didn't remember him so he followed me as I tried to leave. He told me his name and tried to get me to look into his face desperately trying to jog my memory. Then I finally said "Oh yeah I remember now nice to see you again I gotta go." I quickly walked away trying to lose him in the crowd. I could hear him calling to me saying he really wanted to talk but I ignored him. Then finally I found my husband. I ran up to him and gave him a hug and gave my baby a kiss in the stroller. Mr suave over there just stopped in his tracks and stared with an odd look on his face then looked down and walked away.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2011

Ha ha ha! That loser was owned then and there when he saw your husband and your baby.

Thanks it really felt good