The Best Revenge Is To Remind Them You Still Exist.

I had my first girlfriend during my senior year of high school, but it was obvious the relationship wasn't built to last.  I think it was more of a rebound for her and a crush gone too far for me.  Nonetheless, we remained friends for a while and pretty much got integrated into her social circle.  Later on, though, she went crazy and told me off and essentially told me that she never liked me and her friends didn't like me either, and it was the last part of that which set me this point a lot of my friends were going away to college while I was staying local, which left me in a state where I didn't have too many people to talk to.

I was working as a cashier at a grocery store at the time, and occasionally I would see her friends there as customers, most of which knew there was some level of tension between us, so it didn't take me long to confirm she made up the "her friends didn't like me either" part.  But what I really wanted was a chance to show her to her face she was lying about it, and got my chance a little bit later.  I never deleted her from my AIM buddy list, and noticed one night she was away at a bookstore/cafe with her friends and to "feel free to come join us if you want".  Obviously that message wasn't intended for me, but I saw that as just the opportunity I needed and jumped in the car with the sole purpose of intercepting her and her friends there.  Once I spotted them, I tapped one on the shoulder, and she proceeded to face me, give me a hug, and say hi in an excited front of my ex.  Mission accomplished.

While I don't really talk with that whole group as much anymore, it was good to know I left a positive impression with them.  There were a few other similar incidents where I found out she was vocally pissed about realizing we still had mutual friends, but that one always struck me as the most memorable.
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wow, that was quite simple but increibly inspiring, 6 years later and i still hold a grudge against my ex. just informing her im still here and smiling is maybes the best revenge i could hope for : )

That is really cool man! I did something like that before. One guy worked his hardest to make me cry and I just kept smiling and moving myself deeper into his friend circle, they love me lol