Anonymous Revenge? What Do You Think?

I'm sorry I just can't let it go - I have to have the last word. We only "dated" 3 months. He then moved here for work and put me off. He never made any promises. He was careful to word things that didn't include me (i.e. "I need a night out" vs "We need to go out"). When I asked if he was blowing me off (twice), he avoided the question by a long explanation about something else. I won't go into all the little red flags and details that led me and my co-worker to believe he's an N.

What do you think of anonymously sending a one-page document with the definition of "narcissism" from a different city? He will probably assume it's me, but not technically have any proof. The only thing that concerns me is his reaction. He doesn't know my address, friends, family, and I doubt he remembers my workplace. I blocked him from FB. His FB page is public. I only worry he may post something he knows about me or something made up on his page. Probably not though. Would an N get revenge if they don't know for sure who the avenger is?
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so true girlfriend

my ex locked me outside naked in his garden after a shower in the middle of the day.....and this is how i got revenge a few weeks ago......he came home drunk & fell asleep on top of his bed with just a towel around him after showering so i removed the towel & took some naked photos of him LoooooooL
Then i decided since he never even woke up whilst taking the pics and giggling-helped by friends we shaved
off his pubes & took more photos and uploaded them to a facebook page he didn't know about. After sending the link to all his family friends and contacts he found out.....they are still on there now hee hee

"living an incredible life..."<br />
<br />
Well, it's a little late for that...<br />
<br />
But, yeah, it's not so much revenge really. Just a way to be annoying and make a statement. I'd like to spray paint his car, but I won't do illegal stuff (and that includes anything narcotics-related). lol

N word.. this isn't very vengeful.. if you have a certain someone you wish to suffer, living an incredible liife will drive them insane, if they're truly an Narcisist.. a Narc will go insane over this... <br />
<br />
Now.if this is a cheeky way to say NARC / NARCOTICS informant.. well... good luck with all that!