How I Got Revenge On My Cheating Ex

Hi everyone - I just found this group. Thought some of you might like to know how I got revenge on a cheating boyfriend a couple of years ago, which I posted in another group here - EP Link
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Helen you have balls of steel to do the cake in the hair thing I applaud you!

Hi Paige - thanks! I didn\'t think I would be able to until the last minute, but somehow it seemed so natural - and strangely so intimate - to do it at the time. When he opened one of the boxes and saw the message on the top of the cake, he almost froze. I quickly undid the other one. I was standing very close to him, and felt a real power at this moment, and looked him right in the eye as I put one hand behind his head, which he could have interpreted as an affectionate gesture. Then I slipped my hand quickly under the first cake and brought it straight up to his face, and pressed it right in, rubbing it all over (lots went on his quite expensive shirt as well). He didn\'t know what to do or where to go, and Sarah handed me the other cake, which I pushed more quickly onto the top of his head and rubbed that all around his hair. The other three girls were just quiet, quite amazed by what they were seeing, I think. Sarah and I just downed the rest of our wine and said ‘let’s go’ to everyone, and we left him there – he was rubbing a bit out from his face and looked like he was about to cry. We went off to treat ourselves at a champagne bar afterwards, feeling fantastic! It was thoroughly well-deserved, and I felt on such a high for a long time afterwards, and everyone else absolutely loved what I did!

Hehe, this is so funny. has he said anything about this afterwards sometimes the reaction later are as funny as the story itself :)

Oh, it's something he won't live down for a long time - everyone wanted to hear about it afterwards, so pretty much everyone of that age in the town (including all the girls he might try to score with) knows how he was humiliated! Apparently he gets really upset if anyone as much as mentions it, let alone teases him. Knowing his frustration at being brought down to size that way, and also that there's absolutely nothing he can do about it, always gives me a tip of frission inside when I think about it! ;)

(I made sure he knew about what I posted on here - nice to make him relive it a bit and know how others approve of what I did ;) )

I saw a post about a magazine wanting your story too, it probably doesn't help him knowing you may have gotten paid for it hehe. :)

If I did that to my ex husband he would have turned around and clocked me because i couldn\'t run fast enough away!

I had my friends with me to defend me if it had got nasty.

Violence is the only thing men are capable of, being so crude, women instead turn to humiliation :)

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