I Am Debating Giving My Ex A Taste Of His Own Medicine

I hate the man I fell in love with. Sometimes he can be so inconsiderate. We have been dating for about 3 years but the day we break up he's already with someone else....does he not realize how much that hurts?

The way I found out was that he and her claimed their relationship through facebook. I really am debating giving him a taste of his own medicine. The thing is I don't want a relationship with anyone for real....but it doesn't mean he has to know it's fake.

I'm thinking about going down to the golf course, where all these fit, young men workout. I'm going to ask one of them a favor of taking multiple pictures with me where it looks like we're dating. We will even add a pecking kiss in there (no tongue for this random lucky guy). I will then set my status as in a relationship and add our photos into a visible album, also making him my profile picture.

I am sure this will really bother my ex at how fast I moved on after proclaiming how much I love him....but maybe then he will know how it feels. I don't mean to bee childish and I don't like the idea of hurting him....but it's like he is completely oblivious how much it hurts.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

What for beautifuleyes. He obiously didnt care that much. Id go for someone much closer to him. You know those guys friends would be alll over you. If you accidentally bumped into one of them at their usual hang out Im sure you could score a public kiss. Now that would burn him up. If he asks, just claim that you had a crush on him while you guys were together and didnt think it was appropriate to mention it while you guys were still seeing eachother. :)

Would love to hear how this turns out :)