Reality Check!

Wow these revenge stories are lame. They are about the extent of " I replaced his coke with diet coke (he he he) . " Heres some real life revenge for you guys. My wonderful gorgeous husband, He cheated on me. several times apparently in our 12 years together. a few years ago while he was in the navy he started acting like a major jerk. He was out to sea, and his ship stopped of in california for 3 months. Those months were hell. We were best friends. Better than anyone I had ever seen in a relationship until those three months. where he acted like he didnt even know me, ignored my phone calls and started treating me like a nagging wife. He came back after the three months because his time was up in the navy. Even though I caught him in multiple lies he never admited to cheating but I knew it in my heart. I told him I will never be your loyal wife again no matter what I say. We stayed together and things got back to normal eventually. well on Febuary 13th I got a message from a mutual friend saying he couldnt hold it back anymore. My wonderful loving husband had slept with my best friend 8 years ago after we had our first child. Now here is where you would think that I would break down but its when I became stronger. I asked for a divorce immediatly, I lied and said she broke down and told me everything. He couldnt deny it. Here comes the revenge!

REVENGE- So I leave on a mini spring vacation all on my own. He there with the kids while I went out and galavanted around with some 21 year old. (The 21 year old may I add that started a fight with my husband back when he was only 16 because he liked me so much and was upset that us 23 year olds were getting married.) So I came back after my 2 weeks, packed everything up and moved our kids back to our home town. 21 year old was a crazy little kid and he just terrorized my gorgeous husband daily. sent him text messages of pictures of me saying "doesnt she look great today" or were going to go watch a movie, or, I went to the mountain with your wife today. It tore his world apart. 12 months after we were divorced I married a new guy. still younger than I was, but only by 4 years. Hes good looking, and makes more money in a year that my ex husband did in 4.

So here is my revenge. Thank you so much for sleeping with that 5 foot 2. 350 pound girl so that I could meet someone that treats me like a queen.
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Your story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Bet you didn't mind posing for those pictures either did you?

I like this. You don't sound bitter but genuinely empowered. There are times when people need to experience consequences for their actions. So many women lose their self esteem when their significant other cheats, your actions are an inspiration. You must be a hottie to have these men falling all over you.