Long Time Ago

We broke up on the last day of school. I think it was one of the few relationships that I ended. I'm just not good at hurting people so instead I distance myself until they leave. But not with this one... we were together all year and had a lot of fun but I knew it was time to grow up. He couldn't hold down a job, had no desire to improve and I knew what had to happen. So I broke up with him and he didn't take it well. We still had the same friends and ran into each other often. Then one day at a party he showed up running his mouth about this chick that he was with. He knew I had a bad history with this girl and did it on purpose to p^ss me off!


Being that it was a pool party and I was out for revenge, I hooked up with one of his friends. I know it was wrong as I knew this guy liked me but had no feelings for him. It wasn't so much that we had sex but... and I love this part... we had sex in front of him and everyone else, in the pool at the party.... and I LOVED IT!

I'm the best friend you could ever have but when crossed... hhmmmmm :P

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5 Responses Oct 21, 2007

wow..u r a certifed retard.

Remind me not to **** you off!

Once upon a time before I became the hidden mom I am now... guess that's what I miss most... being free and no cares.

wow - you weren't shy then!!! I have had sex in front of people but not at a party lmao - good for you girl!!

That was in the bikini days... aahhhh I graduated at 17 so young and trim and no worries