Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

I was so in love with him the begining was so special I have never felt so in love in all my life and he was just as in love with me. But then the lies he made me abort our baby I am ashamed to admit he made me choose between him and our baby and I got it wrong. He ended it in tears and at that point he still loved me he ended it because  but while we were apart I was raped and he thought and was told I cheated but I didnt. That was when his love started to fade and gradually became resentment he began to treat me cruelly and finialy in january told me he doesnt love me because I cheated then I finally managed to explain to him what really happened he cried he said sorry he admited he was to blame but he had a dirty little secret he was seeing someone else he lied to us both. He has got to keep her but heres the thing he is an illegal immergrant so I reported him and hopefully he will be deported  very soon.

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

he still free its a joke here in the uk I with they'd just shoot him

i thought they took deporting criminals seriously? i guess not.

they truely dont hope some day he tries to attack me himself trust me he will go down and stay down

screw what prcallsit said. did that guy ever get deported?

yeah easy to spell **** not so easy to protect your kids whic is the reason I did that however I didnt have sex with the officer you call me a **** but I am loyal and faithful to the man I am with if you were assulted as much as I have been you may understand why I felt the need to protect myself

it got even nastier he started threatoning me and everyone I love then the police warned him off and I wa kinda dating one of the officers for protection now I here he caught chlamdia off the the so call decent girl glad I got to find out when I did as i have never had an sti and never want one