Haha This Was Funny!

My first boyfriend, George, was a complete tool.  We dated for three years, partly during my senior year of highschool. He cheated on me with the dirtiest, nastiest girls.  Well, we've been broken up for about three years now. I ran into him, ironically, the day my most recent ex and I broke up. I will still hurt and upset over J.  George took me and my good friend out for drinks and  was enraged that hanging out with him was not enough to get me over J. He started insulting me, which I laughed off, but then he started taking low blows at J and I hauled off and punched him in the stomach twice. 

Well, I didn't talk to George after that point, but it didn't stop him from talking **** about me to mutual friends and prank calling my phone. 

With my friend Jess' help, I pulled off a hilarious scheme.  I had Jess call George from a blocked number pretending to be an Amanda he met at a club.  She called him every couple of days, and then one day (HE IS REALLY STUPID), he asked her out to Starbucks for coffee.  She agreed and he told her to meet him at the one near him. She allowed him to have her number, so he kept calling her asking where she was.  She told him to meet her inside.  He called her from inside (we could hear the noise from the inside of the Starbucks). I had my other friend drive by to see if he was there and she confirmed it.  


Jess just kept saying I can't see you. Which one are you? He explained, and I had her tell him to stand in the middle of the store and wave.  Soooo he did.  LMAO.  He stood in the middle of a packed Starbucks hoping to meet up with a fictitious Amanda and waved. Ahhhh wish I could have been there to see it myself.  He was so angry, he called her up cursing her out and she was laughing hysterically.

It's something small, but it made me so happy at the time.

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Very small, in fact quit sad. Just because he was a tool doesn't mean you should prove you can be one to..

girl u are my hero!! well done!