She Was A Biotch!

Mrs. C! Ahh bless her evil hateful heart. I don't know why she hated me she just did. First grade teacher too! So she really screwed it all up for me. Never did I do anything right, she yelled at me for everything. No she wasn't like that with everyone either, just me. I was so excited when I started school I was ready to learn everything. Until she was always ripping up my papers and making comments about how I just didn't listen and she would always call my mom who would then severely punish me. She lied to my mother a lot. No other teacher had a problem with me just her. Then lucky me, when I got to 6th grade I found she would be my teacher again as she was no longer going to be working with 1st grade. Ugh, another year of her making my life hell. She made me fear school, hate math, and resent her for everything she did.

If I could say one thing to her right now it would be, I forgive you because I know your life must have sucked to have to pick on a child the way that you did.

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I did tell my parent :-/<br />
Unfortunately my teachers story was always home first

* hugs * college