I Was Punished Again!

I don't set out to be bad or disobedient. It just happens sometimes. My love and I have a standing date every Tuesday. He comes down and we spend time together. I had shared a fantasy of mine with him and he wanted to make it come true for me. I am beginning to understand he only wants the best for me and wants me to be happy. He shows me love and kindness and he is very generous. But there are rules and he demands for them to be obeyed. The rules are in place for my own good and protection. They are not unresonable and shouldn't be hard to obey. See I have time issues. I had gotten in trouble at work for being late and out of concern for my job, this rule was put in place. I was not to be late to work anymore. I was punished for being late just to drill it in to me how important it was. I tried really hard to obey and not be late and I was doing so good. But then one morning I just piddled around and didn't leave in time. Therefore I got to work late. I didn't have any excuses except that I just didn't get off of the computer and get dressed when I was supposed to. When he got to my house, I was happy to see him as always even though I knew he would not be happy to hear what I had to tell him. I tried very hard to get it out and he knew I had something that I wanted to say. Although his first guess would have been correct in a way, it was not what I was trying to tell him. He read me and estimated that I had been late again. He didn't have to tell me that I would have to be punished. I already knew that. What I didn't know is how hard, how many or with what. He likes to change that up because he doesn't want me to associate any particular instrument with punishment. He stood up and walked over to his bag that he brought. When I saw what he pulled out of the bag as his instrument of choice for this particular punishment, I started to get scared. I knew it was going to hurt. I also knew that I was going to get it no matter how much I protested. I could not take my eyes off of that leather strap he had in his hand. "No" I pleaded. but his response to that was "No?" I begged and pleaded "Please not that" But my pleas were only met with "get into position my dear" I stood up slowly and kept watching the bat he had in his hand. I took a couple of steps and then stopped. I did this for what seemed like forever until I finally made it to the arm of the couch. I didn't bend over right away. i stood there like a defiant child with my face buried in my hands only looking up at him with pleading eyes a couple of times. Then he had enough of the dilly dallying around and pointed to the couch and said "Put your hands flat on the seat" He said this with so much authority that I knew he meant it. Then the submissive in me kicked in and I obeyed. As I bent down, I dreaded what was coming and I wanted to cry. He made me count. I got 10 licks all together. They were not the hardest that I had gotten but the meaning behind them and my own guilt that I had made him do this and take away from our fun time made it much worse than if he had hit me full force. I didn't cry but I whimpered on each stroke. Afterward he pulled me in his arms and hugged me and kissed me and told me he loved me and to not make him do this again. I regained my composure and with my punishment out of the way, we were onto more fun things. But as he said......... that is another story!

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I know you hate it as much as I hate making you do it. I will try to be good in the future. But It is comforting to know that even when I mess up, you will still love me.

My love I hate punishing you. You know that but, because I love you and you are a reflection of me and our relationship I expect you to be your best always. I value you as a wonderful submissive. I look forward to continuing our time together.<br />
Love you<br />