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I was often put in my pyjamas early or sent to bed as punishment. This was often after I had been spanked and I saw it as part of he same punishment. As Ive said elsewhere I was a late developer down below (no hair or any real development of my private parts) and because of that (I think) my parents didn't seem to worry who saw my penis and bottom even when I was well in my mid and late teens. Whilst I had nothing to show this didnt minimise the intense humiliation of being a teen and being treated like a small child.

I have written about one occassion in front of my cousins but there were others when neighbours or family friends saw me undressed by one or other of my parents, spanked and then made to change in to my pyjamas early in the day. The thought that other people had seen the whole thing (particularly a good view of my penis as I stood in front on them to apologise which my Father was particularly fond of making me do) would stay with me for weeks even months afterwards and the older men and women who saw these punishments would often tease me making sure I realised how silly and childish I looked or perhaps mentioning they had seen my winkle or some other childish name for my small teenage private parts.

I remember once arriving at a church meeting and our priest saying in a loud voice "last time I saw you young man you were in your pyjamas and having your bottom spanked for being naughty, werent you!" It was in front of a group of much younger boys and girls. II felt as though I was going to die of the shame but then one of the younger boys who was there said "did the boy  get spanked in his pyjamas Father Peter"  and before I could reply the priest said "no Graham his Daddy took his pyjamas down and spanked him on his bare bottom in front of everyone, didnt he!" I went bright red and all the children looked at me "and then his Daddy sent him to bed at 5 o'clock".  By now I was looking at my feet. The boys and girls would have been between 5 and 7 and I would have been about 15. The boys and girls were staring at me with my bright red cheeks and our priest was laughing at my obvious shame.

Holkham Holkham
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Pajamas is what boys in our house wear... I was always in my pajamas without underwear when ever I was at home.... Sometime we were taken to the store in pajamas in the afternoon... Friends would see me in my pajamas at the store... They would tease me about being in my pajamas... I would get mad and misbehave... This caused more pajama days and very early bed times

Yes the thin fabric with no underwear felt very exposing and the 'silliness' of wearing pyjamas in public I can relate to too.

As I was growing up at the ages from 6 to 10 years old, my mother would alway require me to take a bath right after supper, put my pajama's on to get ready for bed. I was not allowed to wear any underwear under my pajama bottoms because she knew that the paddle would sting more without them. She would alway make me tuck my pajama top down inside of the elastic band in my pajama bottoms and I would feel humiliated and ashamed because I would have to wear them in front of anyone who was there visiting. I felt like a little child. And if I did not do everything that she told me to do the rest of the evening, she would bend me accross her knee and paddle me in my pajama's in front of everyone and then make me stand in the corner in front of everyone. She sure could swing a paddle and every crack she gave me with the paddle set my butt on fire. She didn't know when to stop either. My butt was so blistered one day that I could not set down on it for two days. She made me feel so childish and ashamed by making me wear shorts, slacks and pajama bottoms with electic band just in the back and I was required to tuck my shirts and pajama tops down inside them no matter where I went. One time I pissed the bed in my pajama's. She bent me accross her knee and blistered me with the paddle and then she pulled my pajama bottoms down and put a diaper and a pair of plastic pants on me and pulled my pajama bottoms back up and made me wear my pissy pajama bottoms with a diaper and plastic pants under them the rest of the day in front of everyone like a little baby. I felt so ashamed. She loved to punish me. Don't know how many more people went through all of that as I did.

Thank you for posting this. Very interesting and I can relate to this. I was interested in you wearing elasticted waist shorts when older. I have never written about this but it was a feature of my older childhood too. Made me feel very childish.

I remember as a boy in summertime growing up, I would have to stay clean...My clothes hands face feet....IfI couldn't stay clean , I would be brought in from playing...******** to underwear...My clothes were taken from me cause I got them dirty....A little later in the day my underwear and sox were also taken....I was naked....Sometimes I would be given pajamas to put on....Sometimes I was put in the tub...It could be as early as one in the afternoon...Always after my bath it was pajamas...Pajamas on all day till bed time..

Dear Steven<br />
<br />
You are quite correct in what you say. I know of many "older boys" who are subject to early bedtimes.<br />
Some have ordinary work lives but once they return home are under the thrall of their respective dominant female. I am aware of wife's, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and non-related females, nanny, governess, landlady, who are resolute in maintaining early bedtimes for their males. A lot of these "boys" are obviously complicit to a degree but a few are completely under the control of their "mummy's" .<br />
I have also been privy to certain households where an adult male lives this life permanently.<br />
Much like yourself Steven they are bathed dressed in pyjamas or sometimes a nightie and put to bed at the discretion of whoever is in charge. Spankings are a regular part of the daily routine as are certain dress codes, night attire, short trousers, school uniforms, sailor suits. Anything in fact that instils humility in the male. <br />
Steven, I salute your mummy for her stand on your behaviour and recommend that instead of providing you with a potty you should be pinned into a nappy when she puts you to bed.<br />
<br />

A number of you write as if this sort of thing is over. But i can assure you it is not! Some of you will know that i am a research student who lives with my Mummy, as i have always done, and she treats me as a little boy. Mostly i like that very much. Spankings are always after she has bathed me and i am still warm from the water. It hurts more then! But the punishment i hate most is being put to bed early. there is no fixed time for that as some of you seem to have experienced. But if she thinks that my naughtiness deserves an early bath and bed it happens there and then. It has happened once before lunch but i still had to stay in bed until the next morning. She put my potty under the bed for when i needed to wee wee. But NO leaving the bedroom and she checks every now and then to be sure that i am IN bed. If i was stupid enough to get out (other than to sit on my potty) the consequences would be VERY severe. Another taste of the hair brush, over her knee, and a longer period of early bedtimes. Better to get it over and done with.

I thought this had only happened to me! I was 9 when I had to go and live with my aunt and her daughter who was 4 years older than me. From the very start I was subject to a very strict bedtime routine. Upon arrival I was bathed and my aunt searched my belongings for my pyjamas but my mother (who was very ill) had forgotten to pack any. "Well I am not wasting money buying you pyjamas," I was told, "you'll just have to wear your cousins old pyjamas. So that very first day I was dressed in my cousins pyjamas. Off course they were always pink or yellow with flowers or teddy bears on them and had frilly elasticised cuffs on the sleeves. My bedtime was set at 6.30 and I had to put my pyjamas on as soon as I arrived home from school. Sometimes if my aunt was going to be out had to wait to walk home with my cousin and she would say in front of her friends, "Straight into your pyjamas when we get home mind, I think you should wear your cosy pink pyjamas tonight." And they would all giggle. If I annoyed my aunt when we out shopping at the weekend she would often say things like, "right, when we get home you are putting your pyjamas on and after I have spanked you you're going straight to bed." My cousin would often tell my aunt that I had been cheeky or naughty at school and I would be punished with a spanking and an early bedtime on Saturday and Sunday, Like ready for bed I was regularly in my girls pyjamas by 2pm and in bed by three. Because I was small this went on until I was in my late teens when I eventually moved away but even today I still suffer consequences from the experiences I had as a child.

Hi ready4bed if you were a son of mine and you were put in your pyjamas early i would also of spanked you. I would of put you across my knee pulled down your pyjama bottoms and underpants and spanked your bare bottom until it was red raw.

Indeed, After lunch on Sunday, I was expected to take a bath and come back downstairs dressed in my pyjamas. Mum always bought me pyjamas that were a size too big, the brushed cotton ones with geometric patterns or paisley ones. It would be about 3pm when I came down and inevitably either our next door neighbour Mrs Alcock and her sister would be there or and sometimes with my Aunty Dot and my cousin Marion who was two years older than me. I would have to sit there in my oversized pyjamas and slippers amongst them. Sometimes the topic of conversation turned to mentioning my pyjamas if I was wearing a new pair. I was sent to bed at 5pm. This went on until I left school at 15. My cousin Marion can still make me blush when she sees me and reminds me of those days.

I agree with morgana when I was a child in the 60's early bedtimes were very common. Most nights my brother and myself were always bathed and in our pyjamas by 6-30pm. Sometimes if we were not going anywhere on a weekend we would be in pyjmas all day and then bathed about 4pm and put into clean pyajmas so we were redy for bed. If we had been naughty we could find ourselves in bed as early as 3pm!

This was so true

My views are well known on this matter but I will reiterate them here.<br />
Males of all ages should have a structured bedtime, by which I mean they should know when they should be putting on their pyjamas, know when it's quiet time and know when their bedtime is. I tend to use the time of arrival home as the key. Males of school age should be home by 4, I would expect them to be in pyjamas by 5, quiet time at 5.45 then bed by 6. If the male is old enough to work then the same timescale applies from when the male under discipline arrives home. Weekends can be used to either reward good behaviour by allowing a later bedtime or punish bad behaviour by sending to bed early or being dressed in pyjamas and paraded in front of guests.<br />

I do remember my Mother treating my brother and myself in the same way. As soon as we arrived home from school she had a bath already for us and we would be then bathed and put in our pyjamas which were the old ladybird 'ski style' ones which were very popular in the 60's and 70's. We would then have our tea around 5pm and would be allowed to watch tv till around 6-30pm and then it would be bedtime. Quite often on weekends we would be kept in pyjamas all day and not be allowed to get dressed. We would be usually put to bed in the afternoon for a nap from around 1pm -2pm. Bedtime was usually earlier on weekends and was usually around 5pm

I agree that children should be in bed early, you see many children up these days quite late. I was always put to bed at 8pm until I was fourteen and then I was allowed to stay up a little later. But times have changed. A friend of mine whose grand son was given detention for falling asleep is never in bed to about 10.30pm (he is 12).

Hello morgans76, When I was being naughty and got sent to bed early, it made no difference to the time of day, after I had been spanked and put my pyjamas on I was sent to bed and there I remained until the next morning.<br />
<br />
After what you went through Holkham, I consider my self very lucky that I had parents that were not as strict as yours.

You were very lucky shortstillseventeen. The public nature of being changed in to my pyjamas and given a good spanking for being naughty were one of the greatest humiliations and probally why I still remember it all now. I never liked been spoken to as I would have to face the person who was telling me I was a silly naughty boy or whatever. They would always sooner or later look downwards to my undeveloped private parts. That was a big deal for a fit healthy teen.

I got spanked and put to bed early, but never in front of visitors, if we had visitors and I was to be spanked, it would be done in my bed room.

I was also punished in pajamas very early in the day....If I was bad in school I would have to come home , take off all my clothes, put on a bath robe..Bring my underwear to be inspected...If any staines were found, I would have to hand wash them...I was bathed and made to come into the livingroom to be inspected..I was than slowly dressed in my pajamas ,tops first than bottoms....I was never allowed underwear under my pajamas...I would be in my pajamas through dinner and put to bed after dinner......Most weekends were spent in pajamas....Summer break was spent mostly in pajamas...

How i wish I could have had pyjamas! When my sister or I was spanked, we were not allowed to wear any clothes the rest of the day, no matter who might be visiting.

What was the reaction of the people who saw your punishments. Were they serious or did they laugh or smile at your discomfort? Who saw you particularly as you got older? Hope you dont mind me asking but Im interested. Did you ever become excited (and I mean when you can help yourslef when you are a teen) Ive nver found anyone else who had the same type of punishment as me before.

Thanks for your comment. Its always good to know that I was not alone. For me the whole thing about being ******** and put in my pyjamas in front of everyone like a small child was hard to bear. If that was coupled with being spanked and people saw I was shy and blushing for a day afterwards with shame. They never really cared who saw my hairless penis even when I was a teen. Like to hear more of your expereinces.