Early Bedtime And Pyjama Punishment

When Timothy first came to stay with me he was untidy, rude and undisciplined. I warned him several times of the consequences if he did not mend his ways, but he continued to misbehave. Eventually my patience snapped when he refused to do his college work in order to watch football on television. I switched off the set, hauled him over my lap and soundly spanked his bottom. Timothy was a small, immature boy, and physically he was no match for me. He begged me to stop spanking him, but I was determined to end his slovenly behaviour.

I ******** off his clothes, explaining that naughty boys aren’t allowed to dress and undress themselves. Then I dressed him in a pair of delightfully childish pyjamas, yellow winceyette, with a nursery print motif, which I had sewn to wear at a fancy dress party. How Timothy cried as I buttoned up the infantile pyjama jacket, and tucked it into the waistband of the pyjama bottoms! They are far too large on him and I told him he would have to wear them until he grew into them.

The change in Timmy was almost immediate, wearing his pyjamas he tidies his room, helps clear up after supper, and is generally a much better behaved young boy, concentrating more on his studies than football.

 I get him ready for bed at 5pm every evening without fail. Luckily, pyjamas are a simple pattern to sew, and I have made him quite a selection of pyjamas, all in soft and cosy winceyette and extremely infantile in appearance. Friends come around for whist on Saturdays, and they love to watch as I make him choose a pair of babyish pyjamas to wear, then dress him in  his 'favourite jiim-jams'. He gets lots of hugs and cuddles on Saturdays and  is often nursed on somones lap while he sucks his dummy.

At 7 o'clock he must give everyone a goodnight kiss, and I take him to bed. I decided his bedtime should be at 7 o' clock because it reinforces the fact that his naughty little boy behaviour deserves appropriate punishment. I tuck him into bed under his Thomas the Tank Engine duvet and he is warned not to get out of bed for any reason or else he will be spanked.

I recommend the use of early bedtimes and babyish pyjamas to any woman wishing to effectively discipline naughty boys .

Here are a few simple rules to follow.

* Always ensure the naughty boys jim-jams are suitably infantile in appearance and slightly too large, this enhances the childish look.

* When possible spankings should be given in front of guests for maximum humiliation. After a few slaps on a pyjama-clad bottom the naughty boy will be begging you to send him to bed.

* Choose a pyjama time and a bedtime and stick rigidly to them. Even at weekends I maintain pyjama and bedtime discipline. Visiting a friend one Sunday it was approaching 5 o'clock, I always carry a pair of his pyjamas with me and I made him put them on and wear them in front of my friend and her two daughters until we left at 6pm. Timothy travelled home in the car pyjama clad and was safely tucked into bed by 7.

* Finally, always make sure chores and duties around the house are completed by him whilst wearing pyjamas to emphasise his infantile status.



Miss Helen Good.

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3 Responses May 17, 2010

He won't forget that lesson in a hurry. He probably will not forget your magic touch for the rest of his life.

My husband has a 7pm bedtime usually he gets home from work and I run him a bath and he then gets in his pyjamas ,has tea and a bedtime drink and then at 7pm I put him to bed, he is quite embarrassed and humiliated by this,especially when my friend is round and he has to say good night and be put to bed so early. Sometimes if I am out in the evenings she will be babysit him, on those nights usually once or twice a week I put him in a nappy too so he doesn't need to get up to go to the toilet. I think this is the most humiliating for him as I put his nappy on in the living room in front of my friend before taking him up to bed. I also find the use of a baby monitor helpful so I can hear him if he moves about and it reinforces his childishness as does the occasional nappy. During the summer I make him go naked till his bedtime and I have removed his pubes which gives him a childish look too and he also has to inform me if he wants the toilet during that time.

My mummy isn't quite as strict as you but she doesn't give me any chance to disobey her. My bedtime is 9 o'clock but, as i am now 25 that is much too early i think.

Master Steven
A 9 o'clock bedtime is hardly too early for you. I am currently advising someone whose husband has a 7 o'clock bedtime and he is 32. He is bathed and dressed in his pyjamas by 6 seven days a week before being put to bed in a controlled darkened room after a bedtime spanking.. His wife is even considering imposing a stricter regime. So don't look for sympathy from me young man.