Pyjamas After School.

Another punishment my mom dished out was having to get into my pjs straight after school.This would happen if igot spanked at school, when i arrived home she would ask if i had been a good boy at school. If i had been spanked at school, it would have only made it worse and lie. She would see the marks anyway. So it would be straight into pjs if i had been naughty, then i would get another spanking, and finally it would be bed by 5pm latest. Also if i played up at bedtime,then i had to get straight into my pjs the next day when i got home from school. If school was out, then it would be 3pm. many of my friends got the same punishment.
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1 Response Jul 3, 2010

I was always in my pajamas with out undies when ever i was home.. As far as my parents were concerned pajamas is what boys wear at home