In Pajamas By 3:00 In Bed By 5:00

At fourteen years old we lived in the Bronx in an old five story tenement ...My dad worked nights mom worked days...Very often I would be greeted at the door when comming home from school by my father...He would have my pajamas in hand...He would pull me by the ear into the livingroom...On the way he would be pulling off my clothes..By the time we would reach the livingroom , I would be undressed down to my underwear sox and shirt... He would drag me over to his chair...He would pull my shirt over my head..He would reach down and pull my sox off...Than I would be place me over his lap...He would than pull my underwear down over my bare feet ond off...He would spank my bare but with fury..He didnt stop untill I was kicking and crying..When he finally let me up, he would put my pajama top on and button it up... I would have to stay im my pajama top only until I stopped crying...I would than have to apolijize bare bottom to everyone in the house..After what seemed to be an eternity he would call me over and slide my pajama bottoms on..It would be around 3:15 in the afternoon.....My dad usually had me in my pajamas as soon as I came home from school , even when I was not in trouble...Most times when he was home, it was pajamas on after school..Bed time after dinner between 6:00 and 6:30...On weekends if I was allowed to get dressed, it would only be till early afternoon I would be changed back into my pajamas...I was kept in my pajamas most of the time growing up....M y dad used to say the reason for it was to save on laundry and I could be put to bed very easy early in the day , which happened often...Most times when my friends came to visit I would already be undressed into my pajamas or made to undress and change into my pajamas while they were there...I was never allowed to wear underwear under my pajamas..I wore my pajamas so much that most of the snaps or buttons over my private area were broken or gone, therefore my privites would be visable to anyone at my house...That was embarassing...
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We lived in the bronx....Snow days were pretty rare...I have vivid memories of snow days.....They usually ended up to be pajama days..We would be dressed for school....We excitedly listened to the small am radio for the words of freedom(NYC Public And Porocial Schools Are Closed Dus To The Snow Storm) Mom would come in and demand my school clothes...After being in my underwear she would hand me an old pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt to put on....With that would be a stern warning.."You only get one set of clothes, do not get them wet, or you will be back in your pajamas for the rest of the day...Guess what we went out to play in the snow..It was wonderful..Our street was closed ..We ran dived jumped and rolled around in the snow...Around noon mom would call us in for lunch..I would be covered in snow from head to toe..I came in the door to hear a loud shrilling voice "get all thode wet clothes off now"...Bring them to the bathroom and hang them over the shower rod..Iwould be made to walk (naked) through the house to the bathroom..After hanging up my wet clothes, mom would be sitting on the toilet...She would call me over still naked pull me over her lap (shewould have a pair of my flannel pajamas on her shoulder...I new my fate...It was a pajama afternoon...She would spank my butt real hard,,,Warming aby chill I still had....She would dress me in my pajamas ...It was around twelve thirty....I would complain "not these pajamas the snaps are broken my privites will ahow if I am not careful"...She told me I should have though about that before I got my clothes wet...I would have lunch in my pajamas...Spend a lond day in the house in my pajamas....Because I got board, I wold get in trouble , get spanked with my pajama bottoms pulled off and put to bed usually before three pm...I was allowed up for supper in my pajamas than back to bed...The next morning I would pray school would be open...If not I would have to spend the entire day in my pajamas...That used to suck...

I can really relate to this story, particularly the baring in front of others. Excellent, thankyou for sharing. I was interested in your Fathers view that pyjamas saved on the laundry! I have a good buddy who grew big early. He was a big healthy rural lad with sandy red hair and developed early in all ways. His Mother did night shifts and his stepfather said he hadnt money to be constanty buying clothes and so once home from school he was put in pyjamas. The described these to me as being always too tight exposing his body, his red pubic hair, his growing teenage privates. No amount of tugging and pulling would keep things hidden from his younger step brothers and sisters and their friends who truely delighted in his shame and exposure of his private parts in pyjamas.