My Pajama Trip To The Store

I remember comming home from shcool , brought in to the living room being totally ******** naked, shoes , sox, shirt ,pants than my underwear..Than I was dressed in my pajamas...It would be around three fourty five in the afternoon..To my horror my mom would say we have to go to Wal-Mart..I would sheepishly ask if I could get dressed...My mom would say,"are you for real,you are on pajama punishment...You will be in your pajamas every day after school all week...You will also be in your pajamas all weekend long..So we went to Wal-Mart at four pm..I was wheeled around the store in my pajamas with out undies..My penis would pop out or be visable through th opening in my pajamas..My mom didn't care,,It was totally embarising...We would leave the store, I would have dinner have a bath and go to bed..
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Wheeled around?

I was tweve

Interesting story. And what age where you when this happened?