Early Bedtime On Sunday

It's now 4pm on Sunday and I have been ready for bed dressed in my blue striped winceyette pyjamas since 1pm. I am being put to bed at 5pm tonight because I embarrassed aunty this morning when we went shopping. We met Mrs Lister and her daughter and since it was so wet this morning it was decided to take refuge in a nearby cafe. Aunty, Mrs Lister and Catherine who is 14 yeasr old all ordered warming coffee, when I tried to order the same aunty said, "no you can have some warm milk instead, coffee makes you to excitable." I was annoyed and told aunty I would have coffee if I wanted to. Aunty said I was a very naughty boy for answering back and I deserved an over the knee spanking. Catherine sniggered and I told her to shut up. "Right young man you will be putting your pyjamas on as soon as we get home and it's bed for you at 5pm all this week." I had to sit quietly while Catherine teased me, "eighteen years old and you have to wear pyjamas when you get home and go to bed at 5pm. What a baby, I think I will come and visit you at 4.30 to see you go to bed." Aunty nodded and said that was a very good idea and she would make sure I was wearing the stripey pyjamas Mrs Lister had given me at Christmas. Aunty says she is going to spank me in front of Catherine and her mum as she should really have spanked me in the cafe. So here I am sitting in my pyjamas just waiting for the doorbell to ring. Got to go aunty is shouting for me to come downstairs.
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Sometimes when I was a kid I would be sent to my room and told to get ready for bed. Then my mom would come in with the hairbrush, or my dad with the strap. My PJ's would be yanked down and my bare hiney would be blistered with the hairbrush or whipped with the strap.

as boy i was often punished the same way, always in xxxl striped baggy pyjamas