Put To Bed By Friends

When I was a boy I was always punished in my pajamas early in the day...The kids at school found out..I was constantly tease by a group of boys in my school....Than one day they started being nice to me..I should have be suspicous of this ( I wasn't)..One saturday I invited three of these boys over to my house while my parents were workong...At first things went ok..Than we started play wrestling ( I thought) They held me and took off my shoes and sox..They started tickeling my feet..I got mad..Than they said the baby boy needs a spanking..They held me down unbuttoned my pants pulled them down and comptetly off..They started teasing me about my white btiefs(titey whities)I got madder...They said,"since the baby boy is so upset bout his underwear . lets take em off"They did..Thes started spanking my in my shirt..After awhile I started to cry..Than they said the cry baby boy needs a nap...Lets put his pajamas on him...They took off my shirt...One of them went in my dresser draw and found a pair of supper hero pajamas ( blue with red cuffs & ankle cuffs)They put the pajamas tops on me..They took pictures of me in my pajama tops with no pants on..Than they put my pajama bottoms on and took more pictures..Than they put me in my bed, it was like eleven oclock in the morning...They took more pictures...They made me stay in my bed for a while..Then they pulled me out of bed..Then they found my bath robe...They put it on me...hey took more pictures...They took me out in our back yard and took more pictures in my pajamas and bath robe in the middle of the day..They brought me back in the house..We all ate lunch that my parents had left (still in my pajamas)..They were teasing me calling me (pajama boy)After that they took my robe off and put my back in my bed..After a while they pulled me out of bed..Time for the boys morning bath..They ******** me naked..They put my bath robe on me..I could hear the bath tub water running..They marched me to the bathroom..They took my robe off and put me in the tub...Rhey washed me all over (espicially my $%!@ & balls)They took me out of the bath tub..They druied me off and put my robe back on..They took me back to my bedroom took my robe off..They put my shirt only on me...They brought me to the living room and took more pictures..Than they spanked me on my bare bottom...They made me stand in the corner in just my shirt & took pictures of my red bottom..then after awhile the let me out of the corner and let me put my underwear on...They kept me in my underwear and shirt the rest of the day until they letf about fourthirty..After they I never invited them over again...I got dressed..My parents came home around five...My mom found my bed not made and the bathroom a mess...She found my pajamas on the floor in my room..She picked them up brought me and my pajamas into the livingroom..She undressed me completly apanked me and put me back into my pajamas,for leaving the messes..I was put to bed by six that night...

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pajamajohn pajamajohn
51-55, M
Mar 7, 2011