Boy Put To Bed By Friends

When I was around eleven years old,my parents favorite punishment for me was to put me in my pajamas early in the day and send me to bed..The other boys in my class found out about this punishment..I was constantly teased about this punishment..The used to call me pajama boy...One day these same boys started being friendly to me (so I thought)...So one saturday while my parents were at work, I invited all three of these boys over...The arrived after my parents were at work...I had gotten out of my pajamas before they arrived...When they arrived everything was fine....We started play fighting...One of them pulled my shoes and sox off...They started tickelng my bare feet...I got mad !!! Than they said babby boy needs a spanking...They unbuttoned my pants, unzippered my fly and pulled my pants down and completly off....Yhey started teasing me about my underwear (tittey whities) I got madder...Since the boy is so upset about being in his underwear, "let's take em off".They did..they started spanking in just my shirt...I started crying...One of the boys went into my room and went through my dresser, and pulled out a pair of super hero pajamas blue with red cuffs...He came out..They took my shirt off and put my pajama top on...They took pictures of me in my pajama top with out pants...They took me out to the back yard and took pictures if my in my pajamas outside in the middle of the day..They tagged the pictures "pajama boy"The took me back inside and put me in my bed..After awhile the pulled me out of bed, ******** off my pajamas and put my bath robe on,,I could hear the bath tub running..They carried me to the bathroom...They removed my robe and put me in the tub...They washed me from head to toe...They took me out of the tub dried me off and put my robe back on..They took me back to my room and put my pajamas back on..with out any underwear...They took me to the kitchen and wea all ate the lunch my parents left...Me still in my robe and pajamas...They kept me in my pajamas & robe all day...Around three fourty five they ******** me naked again..They put my shirt on and my underwear...They made me stay in my sirt and underwear until they lrft..I got back dressed...Around five my parents came home..My mom was furiuos at me for leaving the bathroom a mess...My pajamas were on the floor in my bedroom..My mom carried them out to the living room..She called me over..She started undressing me...She ******** my totally naked...She foldes all my clothes up in a pile...She said,"you wont be needing these any more today".She put my pajamas on me..She made me go to bed after dinner..It was 6:30...I was in my pajamas everyday after school and all weekend for leaving the mess...
pajamajohn pajamajohn
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2011

Ewww... I think your "friends" molested you :/