Sent To Bed After Supper

Sometimes this was a stand alone punishment in my house but more often it came along with a sore bottom.

Many times I'd get my butt spanked by my Mom and be informed, "Oh, and for your misbehavior you will also be going to bed right after supper". I'd be made to change into my pajamas before dinner and sit at the table so ashamed and often squirming on a spanked fanny.

Other times, and this was usually from my Dad, I'd talk back or make some rude comment to one of my sisters and hear "That's it soon as dinner is over you're going straight to bed." The only acceptable response in these instances was "Yes Sir" because if I protested even a bit I'd hear "OK...Now not only are you going to bed after dinner but you're going to bed after dinner with a sore bottom young lady" and he'd follow me up the stairs, make me undress completely lie face down on the bed and strap me with his razor strap. Then he'd say as I was crying my eyes out..."I bet you wish you didn't smart off about this now don't you"? Again the only answer was "Yes Sir".

I got sent to bed after supper more times than I care to remember but it the ones that stick out most in my mind were in the summer when my sisters could go out and play and I would have to lay in bed (because if I was NOT in bed I would be spanked for sure!) and hear them outside my window in our back yard having fun while I was in misery
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Wow, your dad meant business! I can't imagine being undressing completely with my dad whipping my butt with a razor strap. I am sorry for your poor little butt.