Not So Funny Now Right ?

this is a story from my younger years. it happend when i was 11 years old and had got in to trouble at school and as the rule was if i got it at school i got it twice at home. so as soon as i came in the door mom was waiting for me she already knew i had got in trouble cuz my older brother being the nice person he was ( the rotten *****) had already told on me. so i was marched off to my room made to ***** compleatly then bent over the end of my bed for the belt after about 30 or so swats i was told to get in my P.J.s and go to bed this is at 4 o clock in the after noon but with a sore butt i did not argue so in to my bed i jumped as told. as i was laying there i could hear the other kids playing out side soon i could hear my brother teasing me through the open window ( this was a very bad thing to do as it could earn the person doing the teasing a good belting) this went on for a long time as he was having a good time teasing me and just being an *** hole. about 5 oclock my mom came into my room and told me to get up and follow her i did as told but was unsure why i was being let out of bed ( hope i am not getting another spanking) now she is going out the back door not good as the wood shed is not to far from the back door and i have been there before the worst beating happen there in the wood shed and it was looking like i was going to get it again so i started to cry (i did not want another spanking) . mom told me to stop crying i was not going to be spanked again. ( now i am really confused) but i followed her in to the wood shed. much to my surprise i find my dear brother naked bent over the barrel used for belting bad boys and i can tell he is not happy about me being in the shed with him we were never punished in front of each other so now i am wondering what is going on. then mom sayes to me have a seat and watch what happens to boys who tease others about getting a spanking and sent to bed.( now i can see the light) my brother is going to get it for teasing me ( mom heard him and told him to stop ) he didn't now as i sit on a bale of hay with a good view of what is about to happen i can't wait for the action to start and it is not long before mom takes the strap down from the nail where it is kept handy for bad boys butts. by now my brother is starting to beg for mom not to strap him he is sorry for teasing me and won't do it again to which mom tells him she is sure he wont do it again cuz she is going to lite a fire on his *** with the strap and with that she starts to strap his bare butt and he is very soon crying and begging her to stop but she just keeps laying the strap on his butt hard he has now gotten about 40 licks on his butt and even i am starting to feel sorry for him( not ) after a few more good licks mom stops and looks at me then she askes me if i think he has been punished enough for teasing me ( what a silly question to ask me he is always teasing me) so i sit thinking for a minute knowing that i have his *** in my hands so being the little creep i am and loving to see his butt getting roasted not mine for a change. i look at him crying his eyes out and tell mom no he needs lots more and so she startes to strap him some more now i am smiling as i watch his butt getting redder and redder with every stroke of the strap after about 20 more licks i tell mom she can stop now i think he got it enough. so she tells him that he must say he is sorry for teasing me and if she finds out he is doing it again he can expect to be back here for another round with the strap. as he turns to look at me he is trying to pull up his pants and underware but mom yells at him to leave them down now i am not sure what is more red his butt or his face as he must face me with his pants and undies down around his feet ( don't forget he is 15 years old) so i am getting great enjoyment out of his embaresment as he tells me he is sorry for teasing me. i tell him that he is forgiven for being a jerk to me all the time . now mom tells him go to your room and get your P.J s on i can tell by the look on his face he is not happy as he now reallises he is being sent to bed now then mom drops the bomb shell as she tells me i can get dressed and come out and play but he must go to bed ( yes justus) not only did he get a beating but he has to go to bed and i don't ha ha serves him right .
bigbear7900 bigbear7900
51-55, M
Jun 12, 2011