Very Many Early Bedtimes

Until I was 16 I was always being sent to bed ,my father worked away and all discipline was given from my mother , who would often put me in my pj's as early as 3 o clock and then take me to my bed for the night after a very hard spanking ,I also had special pj's which were flowery and pink or yellow that mum would put on me as a little extra punishment
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I had to suffer that kind of discipline all through my teens and even in my early 20s, although I have to admit there was always an element of secret pleasure for me, or maybe not so secret considering the bulge I often had in my short pyjama trousers! Often if I was due for a more severe spanking than normal I was sent to my room to get my pyjama's on and then had to come back ready for bed and ready for a spanking. I always cried and pleaded really badly before I got spanked but it never brought me one ounce of mercy. Down came my jammy shorts and then I was over my mum or dad's knee for a bright red burning sore bottom, then after it was over I was ordered to my bed and I cried like a baby for such a long time while at the same time my poor demented you-know-what was straining and throbbing uncontrollably (especially after a spanking over my mother's warm soft lap), and when eventually I took it in my hand and started carressing it, what an absolute shuddering ****** that would lead to every time! <br />
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Sometimes my mother would punish me by either ordering me straight to my bed (which usually meant she would come to my room a short while later to administer a suitably sore and red-hot bottom) or sometimes she would simply say "Right young man, I've had enough of your nonsense! Get straight to your room this minute and get your pyjamas on!" Sometimes it didn't lead on to a spanking if she thought I'd been sufficiently belittled and humiliated by the experience, but I never knew for sure until I returned in my pyjamas so the panic and arousal of an imminent spanking were always set in motion inside me. The most embarrassing experience I ever had (without involving any spanking at all) was at the age of 21 on New Years Day 1976, around 4 pm. I briefly lost my temper and got a bit lippy with one of my aunties who kept on asking me stupid questions I didn't want to answer. Mum told me to apologise immediately, which of course I had to do, then in front of all my aunties, uncles and cousins (both male and female) she ordered me up to my room to get my pyjamas on. I can tell you for a fact, I was crying with shame and embarrassment before I'd even reached the living-room door, and a short while later I returned to the living room ready for bed. I felt all my relatives eyes on me, and I felt so aware and self-conscious of the fact that I was blushing red-faced and not only that, I had an absolute stonker of a bulge in those short pyjama trousers!

Of course,

Are you saying you were made to wear ladies/girls floral winceyette pyjamas? I have used that form of punishment myself on unruly males.