Kept In Pajamas On Rainey Days Put To Bed

One of my moms favorite punishments was to make me stay in my pajamas on rainey days..If it were a non school day I wouldn't be allowed to fet dressed at all...I would have to stay in my pajamas all day without underwear (the way I slept)My mom didn't want to do extra laundry unless it was needed...Boys could just stay in pajamas...If it were a school day it would pajamas on as soon as I got home from school....Somwtimes my neighbor freiends also were kept in pajamas...They would be brought over to my house also in pajamas...We would spend time playing or doing homework in pajamas...My liked me in pajamas for I could be sent to bed on command...It also saved on laundry
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how long would you have to be in pajamas...Were you allowed to wear underwear under your pajamas

Usually a I was kept in pajamas all week ... After school on school days and around two on non school days.. Both my parents seemed to find reasons to take my clothes away and make me put on my pajamas without underwear... I spent most of my younger years in my pajamas... I got so used to being in pajamas,I sometimes would put them on when I wasn't grounded... This seemed to please my parents... After a while it seemed normal to me being in my pajamas all the time...In any case it was very comfortable.

If you came to me house and saw me in pajamas during the day it was usually the result of a good spanking my mom had just given me with the hairbrush. She would take off my clothes, put me across her lap and paddle my little hiney with the hairbrush till it was good and red. Then I would have to put my pajamas on for the rest of the day.<br />
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At supper eveyone knew, before my mom had a chance to tell them, that I had been given a good spanking earlier in the day.