Early Bedtimes

In my home our punishment was always been sent straight to bed no matter what time of the day or who was visiting. This meant going straight upstairs and changing into our pyjamas. This happened until I was 17. Even when we had not been naughty my sisters and me had to be in our pyjamas by five thirty for a six o'clock bedtime after tea. Again this went on till we were 17.
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Early bedtime for me usually began with a good spanking with the hairbrush from my mom right after supper - pyjama bottoms removed so that the hairbrush could be applied directly to my bare hiney.

Yes I can remember having to do the same up to about the age of 14. Both my brother and myself being put to bed at the same time as our baby brother, who was 10yrs younger. Baths would always start before tea which in those days was 5pm, and on a school day we would arrive home about 4pm and our Mother would have a bath ready we would then be bathed and then put into our pyjamas. We would have tea around 5pm and afterwards allowed to watch tv we would then be in bed by 7pm if we were not asleep by 8pm we would be in bed by 6pm the following day. Usually after lunch on a weekend our Mother would put all 3 of us in pyjamas and put us to bed for an afternoon nap on a Saturday for about 2 hrs, but we could stay up until 8pm that day. Sundays was always early bedime we would not have to have a nap but that was the day we were given our tea at 4pm and were always put down in bed by 5pm.

Wow! I was so similar. School days felt like I just got up went to school had tea and play a tiny bit then off to bed again.

Was you in your pyjamas early and in bed by 7pm when you were 14?

Yes, it only changed when I was sixteen.

<p>I was in my pajamas in the day most of the time... I was never allowed to wear underwear under my pajamas.. I had to ***** totally naked in the livingroom and put my pajamas on... It didnt matter who was there or what time of day...It seemed like my parents were waiting for me to do something wrong , so they could order me to ***** naked and put on my pajamas..I was kept in my pajamas most of the time...I was in my pajamas so much, sometimes I would put them on without being told to....</P>

Wearing winceyette pyjamas, both women's and men's, has been a lifelong fetish of mine. Combined with enforced early bedtimes I can't think of a better way to spend an evening. I enjoy reading stories about being made to wear pyjamas and being put to bed early.

My lodger is 19 and I always insist he is dressed in his pyjamas when he sits down for his evening meal at 5.30. Of course he initially objected to this rule and I had to put him across my knee several times to make him see the error of his ways.He was amazed when I produced his pyjamas, a blue striped pair, a red striped pair, a maroon paisley pair and a pair that I call his, "naughty boy" pale blue Bob the Builder pyjamas, all in cosy brushed cotton. His bedtime is 6.30 pm, it was 7.00 pm but he complained so much about it being too early I changed it! Now he goes to bed without a murmur under the threat of a 6.00 pm bedtime. On Sunday I send him for his bath and he goes back into clean pyjamas straight after we return from church at 11.30 am. He goes to bed after he has washed and dried the lunch dishes at 2.30pm. His mother designed this regime for me to implement as he assumed going to college would enable him to escape his mothers pyjama and early bedtime regime.