Still Have To Go To Bed Early! Tonight Is The Exception!

My wife has given me permission to write this story so I'm up way past my usual 7 pm bedtime! We have been together for over 15 yrs and have been in a basic femdom relationship since the beginning. Unlike some other female disciplinarians, Sharon prefers to use over-sized floor - length ruffled long sleeve nightgowns for my bedtime attire rather than pajamas.My usual bedtimes are 7pm on weekdays and 6 pm on the weekends, all at her discretion, of course.
If I have misbehaved, I am put to bed early as happened this past Sunday. I had a beer without her permission and was instructed to go upstairs, take a shower, shave my entire pubic area (which has been bare and smooth since day one of our marriage) and after it was done to her satisfaction, she handed me one of my nightgowns and sent me to bed at 3pm! Our next door neighbor, Diane, is around our age and is aware, amused, and approving of our relationship. She came over around 4 o'clock and I had to come downstairs in my nightgown and explain what I had done and after receiving a goodnight kiss and a pat on the head from her I was put back into bed by both of them, standing by the bedside and tucking me in.
If my wife wants to go out with her girlfriends, even during the day, I have to undress completely, don my nightgown and be sent to bed. I can't get up until they get back, and then only if they want me to. I do all the housework in my over sized nightgown and have even cleaned Diane's house this way.
Sharon makes me wear panties all the time and since I don't work anymore I make frequent trips to the grocery store, bank and other places thus attired. Spankings are rare but they are always bare bottomed with corner time involved and as long as the guests are female, Sharon doesn't care if my red bottom is on display until I mercifully get sent to bed.
One good thing: Sharon has never humiliated me in front of a male so that's one thing I am thankful for. If you enjoyed this true story I will tell you some more about our crazy life. I think the next one will be about our hair fetish (which we both have) so look for it under that category. I am so lucky to have found such a tall, tight assed controlling woman! I know she wouldn't care about that last statement: she's standing over my shoulder right now! Bedtime!
Shearin Shearin
1 Response Feb 14, 2013

I don't see anything wrong with you having to wear a nightie to do your housework in. I would suggest to your wife though that 7 pm is far too late for you still to be up and about. Your wife or one of her friends perhaps, should supervise your bath, the donning of a clean, long length winceyette nightie buttoned to the neck, then you should be tucked into bed no later then 5.30 weekdays and 4pm weekends. She is really far too lenient with you.