Usually After A Spanking

Mom decided once she started giving me regular spankings, I would also be put to bed without my supper. I objected - strenuously so - that the afternoon she made the announcement, I was put into the corner for an hour and then to bed without my evening meal.

Now our routine changed. I was given my usual nighttime bath before supper and had to sit at the table in pj's. If I had gotten a spanking during the day, I was put to bed immediately after it - no supper and no appearance at the dinner table.

I cried for a long time when I was put in a supperless bed as early as three or four in the afternoon. Twice Mom came in when she was tired of hearing me moan and gave me something to cry for. That was worse - but I usually cried myself to sleep.

I think Mom was beginning to regret her decision. But she valiantly dragged on for at least a year. Then, finally, she gave in and removed the supperless bed ruling.

Now our schedules changed once more. I still had to get dressed in pj's after an early bath - but if I had gotten a spanking, I still got my supper.

Occasionally, I was sent to bed early - but I still got my supper.

It was one or the other - but not both - and I still got my evening meal.
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Yup I had to go to bed too after I got a spankin. It sucked if it was 2 pm. My Mom would wait for me to get my PJs on, than she told me to get Into bed. No supper, TV, nothing. I had to stay in bed til school the next day. The older I got the worst early bed was.

I usually wailed and cried if I were put to bed early. I refused to go willingly, and Mom usually carried me there, made me put on my pajamas ( I was a tomboy whenever I could be) and then - THAT WAS IT AND GOOD NIGHT!


My wife will sometimes spank me in front of one of her lovers. Anything I say or do will be used as a reason. . Its so mortifying . Her and her boyfriend laughing at me . Sometimes I'm in drag, but the worst is when I'm totally naked.

You can't open your mouth for ANYTHING except eating and breathing? That sounds a little out in left field to me. Your WIFE and HER BOYFRIEND? 'Nuff said about THAT.

I;m also allowedd to use my mouth for sucking and licking.