Sent To Bed Early :'(

If you red my story about my first diaper in a long time you would understand this story better.

So we ate breakfeast a little bit after me and Aunt Kathrines corner time. We had a simple breakfast CEREAL. Well my stomach got upset after a while. I got up to go to the bathroom but than remember my diaper punishment. So I stood there blushing a little bit. Zack saw me and got Aunt Kathrines attention. I than started to take the **** with out making any kind of face but I had to. I had to use all my force to get it out and they started laughing and my face was burning hot. I asked zack to change my diaper after I finished but he said in a little bit.

I was getting really tired of standing so I got on my knees. Than my knees started to hurt so I got on to my stomach. After 5 minutes my Boobs started hurting and I forgot about my diaper and the **** in it so I rolled over and felt it smear against my *** I turned red. Than Zack saw and waited 5 more minutes than told me go upstairs get ready for a diaper change and a spanking. I walked very slowly to the room because it felt weird with the **** in my diaper.

He took off the diaper very carefully. He cleaned up my *** and disinfected it. I saw his **** bulging and I got a little bit wet. I got into position for the 20 spankings. He went smack on the left SWAT on the right while I howled from the pain he finished my spanking. He got a new diaper and put onto my red hot ***.

I didnt make that mistake again. I just pissed in my diapers got my 20 swats and got a new one I got like 7 new diapers today.

My last spanking for today and diaper changing. He did all that and told me to go to bed. I begged no he replied if you are going to have a blatter of a kid you will have a bedtime like a kid.

Goodnight guys :'(
NaughtyAshley NaughtyAshley
22-25, F
Jul 3, 2013