Early Bedtime Punishment Still Happening In The UK

On Friday I was walking through the entrance of a local supermarket. It's the school holidays here and a mum was leaving the store with her three boys. They were aged around 3,6 and 9. They clearly had been playing up and mum had had enough. She loudly announced to them and those around
"Right, thats it , i have had enough. You are all going straight to bed when we get in and I am sitting watching the TV in peace and quiet"
This was clearly overheard by many people and the boys started in look very embarrassed. This happened at 1.30pm!
I remember my mum doing this to me when i was young. Many many times after we had been out shopping she would say to me as soon as we got in,
"Go and get ready for bed"
I would then have to go into the sitting room and undress and put my pjs on. She often came in the room and spanked me before I got sent to bed.
The three boys in my story would have found themselves in their pjs by 2pm
but I wonder if they got their bottoms singed. In days gone by they would have been thoroughly spanked but today....Who knows?
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2013

I remember those early bed times. I would be sent up to get a bath right after supper. A few minutes later my mom would come up and take me out of the bath tub, dry me off, and then take me down to my room, usually swatting my hiney with the hairbrush along the way. Once in my room she would put me over her lap and blister my little hiney with the hairbrush for what seemed an eternity.

Later I would be in bed and could hear my brother and sister outside playing with our friends. They would ask about me and they wouldn't hesitate to report that my mom had given me a spanking and put me to bed for the rest of the night.

I was usually sent to bed around 8pm. But if I had made a really bad thing I would be put in my pyjamas after my shower at 6.30 and would then be slippered, bare bottom. I was sent straight to bed after it usually resting on my belly. I hated having to sleep when it was still daylight.
During holydays if my mom spanked during the day she would also make me take a nap. I felt really embarrassed when I could hear mom telling my cousins that I shouldn't be disturbed because I had to rest and think about why she had to spank me for