Seen By The Kids Next Door Getting Spanked And Sent To Bed Early

Mum often sent me to bed very early. Once in bed I was only allowed up to go to the bathroom. Around 5pm one day the neighbours complained that I was staring out of my bedroom window at their kids playing out. They were younger than me. Mum stormed into my bedroom and pulled the curtains apart.She pulled down my pjs and help me up with one hand and she tanned my bare bottom in full view of the kids next door. It was quite a show as I cried and begged for mum to stop. The following day she put me to bed even earlier. To my horror I heard her saying to the kids" I have have put m... to bed early again, just watch out for him peeping out at you. if you see him, tell me and i will give him another spanking"
I was age 12 and the kids were around 5,7 and 9. Word got around that i often got sent to bed very early and kids would wait for it happening. I had to walk past my window to get to bed. I was usually already in my pjs before i got in bed and mum never closed the curtains until i was in bed. So kids often saw me going to bed very early. I would be in tears sometimes from my spanking and embarrassment.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2013

I always found been treated much younger than my years in front of younger kids to be exceptionally humiliating. Ive no idea why but there it is. I related to your story.