Early Bedtime Punishment

When I was growing up I sometimes used to get sent to bed early as a punishment.  Usually this would be at about 4.00 or 4.30pm.  I'd get a hiding and then put into a nappy and pjs and then put to bed.  I wasn't allowed to get up and wasn't allowed to read or do anything.  I sort of like being treated like this now sometimes: coming home from work and geting spanked and put to bed without any supper!

durante durante
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I was still under very strict parental control in my late teens and early 20s, and I hated it when neighbours, family or friends of my parents came to visit as I dreaded the sheer embarrasssment of being reminded by my mother, in front of our visitors, that it was time for me to get my pyjamas on. The latest I was ever allowed to stay up to while living at home was 10.00 pm, but if I had to be spanked for any serious misdemeanours, or repeated bad behhaviour of any kind, I would usually have my bed-time brought forward embarrassingly early for anything from a couple of nights to sometimes as much as a month. Believe me, it doesn't half bring a young man down a good few pegs when he has to be ready for bed in his pyjamas by 7.00 pm and in bed for the night by 7.15 pm! I suffered that humiliation many, many times but I have to confess that I always used to toss myself off in my bed when it happened in especially embarrassing circumstances. I also used to toss myself silly when put to my bed after getting my bare bottom spanked and I loved to feel my hot red bum-cheeks burning as I felt myself coming.

I'm 24 yo now and have a bed time of 11pm. I haven't been grounded for a while, but ever since I can remember I've been in PJ's all day when grounded.

If being made to get youer jamas on early was not embarassing enough at the age of ten my Mum used to announce the fact to any of my friends who knocked at the door to see if I was coming out to play. Sometimes she even made me come to the front door with her. Either way she would announce words to the effect of: "No Garry certainly won't be coming out, he's been very naughy, had his bottom smacked and I've put him straight into his pyjamas. I can still feel the embarassment now.<br />
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Also if my mum decided I was going to bed early it happened there and then no matter who was with me. For instance one day I was watching television with two girls from my class. My mum had told me twice not to lie around the floor in my school trousers and to go and change out of them. Foolishly I ignored this and the third time my Mum marched into the front room with my jim jams, picked me up and slapped my legs and then proceeded to undress me in front of the girls.<br />
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This also happened in front of neighbours and others who popped round on several ocassions. <br />
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Have not been able to get on here so frequently of late but would reallly love to hear some experiences of others either on here or privately. Would also love to hear from any females who may be able to help me recreate my experiences.<br />

I had early bedtimes when I was a child. Most school nights bedtime was usually before 7pm, I would be bathed usually before tea and put straight into 'Ladybird' ski style pyjamas which my mother always liked to dress my brother and myself in. We were still being put to bed early right up to when I think I was about 12. In fact we had the same bedtime as our baby brother, if we protested we would receive a spanking before going to bed.

I'd like be treated that way in all, like a naughty boy.

************ after a hot spanking makes for a great ****** too.