I Just Got Sent To My Room?

so it went like this: i got arrested for having weed on me.. whatever. my dad picks me up & we don't talk. but ONCE we get on my block; my dad starts saying ****. like that i never listen, i don't do anything, i can't be trusted blahblahblah. so we walk in the house and i'm like "how are you going to just start **** with me when we get here, so mom can think you're all manly and that you actually give a **** about what i do? i know you don't, she knows you don't, YOU know you don't. so don't act like you do just because we get to the house and you wanna look like you actually care." and my mom was like "connor michael ______ you have no right to be disrespectful to your father like that" and i said "you're right." and i looked at my dad and said "sorry." and i murmured the word *asssholee* under my breath and my dad pointed and said "go to your room." and i was like "i'm about to be 18 i'm not a little kid you can't put me in like time out." and my dad said "while you're underage, in highschool and live here, i can do whatever i want." so i said "ohyeah?" and he said "yeah. now go." so i sat on the couch and said "nah." and then loud as hell my dad screamed "GO TO YOUR F*CKING ROOM!" and it made me jump so i ran in my room and my dad came in and said "i apologize for screaming at you." and left. but i went to walk out of my room and my mom shook her head saying "no". so basically i'm in my room right now. like wtf is this how am i gonna get sent to my room like a little kid. -___________-.
Imanonymousxx Imanonymousxx
May 22, 2012