Lousy Piece Of ****!

My BF and I were with a bunch of friends last Friday night at a club. We were all having a great time, getting drunk, dancing, doing all the stuff we always do. I went over to a different table for a bit and was laughing and talking with some other peeps who some were TGs. I had my drink with me and was holding it out beside me. That must be when someone slipped something into my drink. I drank some more of it and began feeling sick and woozy and stumbled around. Two guys came up to me (guys I did not know) and said they would help me outside. They were trying to drag me out to the back door when my BF and some other friends stopped them. The guys threw some punches and ran off. We made a police report, but so far the cops haven't found them.
I've been feeling like **** ever since. Not having a fun time.
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sorry to hear that, fortunately you got saved by youre BF :)

I really do not understand what someone gets out of preying on others. If a partner is not willing nor into whats going on that would be a massive turn off for me. Sharing one another consensually has got to be the most erotic thing on earth. So sorry this happened to you, you be careful!

Glad you are ok. Never club alone!

This world can SUCK! Thankfully you were with good friends.My the fleas of a thousand sewer rats infest the crotches of the pigs that tried to harm you.

thats horrible


I was at a gay club when two women said I didn't "look" gay. Huh? Anyway, they slipped me a roofie when I went to the restroom. The next thing I remember was being led to a van.

I woke up later ******** of my clothes with these two women who wanted to prove that I wasn't gay. I was tied to the bed, fed a blue pill and they used me in every way you could imagine.

Can you imagine if these were violent people? I learned a valuable lesson. Of course this is the short version.

I've thought it for many, many hours. They must have been vacationers because I haven't seen them since.

I'd love it!

There are ******** out there that pull **** like that because they can't get laid without it. I'm sorry it happened to someone that is as alive as you, I love reading your letters you are living every minute of your life to the fullest and I think that's great. I'm daughter was drugged and raped when she was 20, she was with a group of friends but met a cute GI and left with him and woke up in the woods laying next to her car nude and bleeding she made it back to her place then went to the hospital where they confirmed that she had been drugged and raped but all the military did was keep the guy on base for a few weeks, he told them she was a **** and was banging everyone in the bar and he didn't drug her and they believed him.

After everything uve been through then this happens hope those ???????? Get whats coming to them, I dont call them animals as animals r more civilised than most Human Vermin, hope ur feeling better, thinking of u Molly, take care lolv xo xo xo
PS could u add me as a friend Please

Finally feeling better after this. I admit it messed me up a bit and I didn't want to go out anymore. With help form all my loving friends I am doing better now and back to going out to clubs again. Going out tonight for the first time since that night - with LOTS of friends around me keeping an eye on me. :)

That is horrible but you got lucky too. Be careful out there. Some seriously messed up people swimming around us every day like sharks, just waiting for the slightest opportunity to devour us.

That's horrible hon! Glad your BF was there to help you out and stop them. People like that make me sick, but I'm glad you are ok. Huge hug!

Huge hug back. TY Kisses