My Friend Scared Me And I Wet Myself.

A couple of weeks ago me and my friend Jenny were helping my other friend move house. I was in her cellar bringing boxes up. it was a bit dark and creepy in there. I also needed to pee a little.

I went round the corner towards the stairs carrying a box and my friend jumped out at me and shouted "boo" and I jumped and my bladder completely emptied itself. I was wearing a short dress and i peed all over my legs and made a puddle on the floor. my friend laughed so much, i had to go and borrow a pair of my friends knickers, a pair of shoes and a dress and have a shower.

So embarrassing!
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2012

I think, this was a bit bitchy from your friend Jenny, and if she knew about your weak bladder, it was cruel! Or are you such good friends that she´s allowed to get you frightened?
I myself have to wear protection at day also, so if I wet my pants in a fear, my pants won´t leak, as they are plastic panties (with tena pants inside at day).

no tights this time? I guess it didn't show as badly!