Got Someone Fired And Got A Promotion

Duckie1217e Fired and Got a Promotion

Today a fellow associate had a forklift accident in our indoor lumber yard. Any time this kind of accident happens, the associate has to undergo a drug screening. The associate approached me and asked if I would urinate in a bottle for him so that he could pass his test. I, of course, do no drugs or anything, which is probably why he asked me, of all people. I tried to be polite with him and make excuses about why I wouldn't and couldn't do it. I had hoped that he would just go away. He continued on to tell me about his wife and three kids. He said he took his child's cough medicine with codeine in it the night before. He offered me $10 and then $20 to urinate for him. I then just told him no. A pair of customers then approached from behind him and he walked away completely ignoring the customers, like usual, because he totally sucks at customer service.

I went on through my shift ordinarily and kept getting this sick feeling wondering if I should tell a manager about my interaction with this other associate. Sometime after my lunch I received a phone call from my department head asking if I'd be interested in a promotion. I of course said yes. I had actually already applied for that position. She said I should reapply, so I went to do so. While I was in the back of the store I spoke with one if the assistant managers and filled out a statement about the associate asking me to urinate for his drug screening.

Ever since then, I've felt like someone has been in on something, like they may have just been bribing me with that position to keep my mouth shut.

I do and don't feel bad about telling. I understand that the guy has kids, but he probably isn't a very good father if he's taking their medication to get high or whatever.

I think I may just be getting paranoid because something really good for me and something bad for someone else, pertaining to me, happened all in the sane day. I didn't ask to be involved with him.

Someone tell me I'm not crazy?
Duckie1217 Duckie1217
Dec 5, 2012