I did get someone fired. It was right before Christmas too...last year.

I reported sexual harassment...

I can take a lot of crap from people...but that's just something I didn't want to deal with at work was uncomfortable.

Other women and men made reports for me too...and supported my decision to make report.

After I made the report...within a half an hour...they fired him!! I was just glad I stood up for myself. I felt bad that it was before Christmas...but he had people warn him...he just didn't listen...So I think it deserved him right.

A lot of the women said they would of knocked him out..haha and a guy co-worker that is a boxer said I should have let him handle it...haha But I know I did the right thing.... The vulgarity was just to much... I mean I'm NO prude by any means...but there is a line you cross..and that's it!

After that occurrence though, I felt like some people were walking on egg-shells around me.

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Can you help me get someone fired?

Sounds like you get more than your share of sexual harrassment.

Oh Ennuye!!! Why do you gotta play Devils Advocate for? LOL *pinches you* Hush!!!

hahaha! I felt bad cause it was right before Christmas... but he had been warned MANY times prior. Since writing this story... I got another person fired LMAO... Some Puerto Rican guy that wouldn't stop hasseling me for sexual encounters.. EW<br />
<br />
I haven't had any problems at this new job YET.. *crosses fingers* They don't put up with **** either. haha Well... if I couldn't get them fired... I'd probably leave too... Nothing worse than being extremely irritated at work by people.. when your just tryin' to do your damn job.. It can be SO scandolous in the work place.. I'm sure you see a lot of professors sleepin with students.. and a lot of shady **** going on too... Damn.