I Want to Get This Kid Fired From the Grocery Store.

I go to a very large grocery store for several years.  There is this kid who brings in baskets from the parking lot who I want to see fired out of there.  He always gives me a dirty look because I walk with a limp.  He is that way toward other handicapped people.  I tried last year, but the people I spoke with (regional managers and such) did nothing about him.  Does anyone have any tips or advice for me?  Should I go to the president of the store chain?  What should I tell him?  Please advise. 

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he wants your nuts

Maybe he is giving you a 'dirty' look for some other reason?

:) Actually she has complain, but the gist/ end of your post is probly most closest to being acurate:<br />
"But to be honest,these concerns are not worth the time of day!!!"<br />
Notice I felt the demeaning remark reguarding "the Kid" was un necessary point and left out to better make my point.... ;)

This is difficult because unless he has actually said anything threatening or unfair to you there is not alot you can actually do. The best thing to do is ignore twits like these or better laugh at them as they are the one with the problem. If things get worse, the best thing would be to speak to the manager of the store and make a complaint, in fact you can make a complaint anyway and you are within your rights to speak to someone about it. It might be a good thing as this kid might be like this to someone else. Maybe you could speak to someone you may know about their experiences and make a joint complaint. But to be honest, little brats like these are not worth the time of day until they become nuisance

excellent advice, salt!

I find it hard to believe that:<br />
You really want to have a (KID) terminated that is at the lowest possible position in the store, most likely making the lowest wage, and maybe has personal issues, all because you don't like the way he looks at you....<br />
Possibly this lad is just courious to your aliment and doesn't realise how adversely it affects your demeanor.<br />
I know of a child Who looks/ seems sulkin when you look at him , but it is just the way he inadvertantly presents himself. <br />
Remember he's the Kid, Your the Adult and you Should have enough moxey not to let this slight issue have a negative impact upon your present outlook on life.<br />
<br />
First I'd smile at him and wave everytime I saw him,<br />
or better yet approach the young man and explain politely that you feel your current malidy is one which causes you great humilation and ask for his assistance, Like ask him to get you a cart to assist your entry into the store, as A friendly out reach attempt.<br />
Still later if you have been unable to come to terms with his immature exhibition of outwardly projection ,I'd just wait till he's out of sight and then enter the store,<br />
or<br />
better yet, maybe shop at a different store if this issue bothers you that much !

Agreed about the moxey, especially when it's child v. Adult

He honestly shouldn't have to shop at another store if that's what he sees it's what he sees not everyone is paranoid people even kids do ignorant s*** like that and age has nothing to do with making excuses for his behavior. This guy started to get my mom's order wrong at the ice cream shop and she told him before he made it so the bastard starts to get another cup to remake it and turns to the spic b**** that was working with him and they both said something smart. That's warrants getting fired, age has nothing to do with it. If they have a job they are old enough to know the consequences of their actions. I would have gotten her fired because it's unnecessary just like I would anyone who I have heard or seen act funny or treat my family or me in a disrespectful way.