I Got My Boss Fired

One of my bosses was muttering to me the other day, about a situation involving pay. We're nearing 2 months behind in paychecks, and he basically said: "No wonder why Rick's quitting." This shocked me to hell... Rick's had our backs for so long and has saved my job on numerous occasions. I E-Mailed him, telling him I heard a rumor from my boss, and asked him if that was true. He responded and said: "Absolutely not."


Now's where it gets complicated: Rick's E-Mail is automatically CCed to the CEO of the company because he's in the accounting department. I didn't know this at the time. The CEO read my E-Mail, got my my bosses name from it, and called him into his office. Next day, he's no longer with the company... fired for spreading rumors.

I feel like dogshit. My boss was a great guy - frustrated, but then again, so were we all. Rick's a good guy too. I knew he would have kept it between us, as I intended. We were all in this together, and I just cost a good guy his job. The worst part about it is I might very well be approached to take his job. A master manipulator intent on slitting everyone's throat in the office place could have done no better. The sad thing is, I'm no master manipulator. I'm just a 27 year old bum who can't even break into middle management. 

I don't really know why I'm posting this... I think I want some people to yell at me, call me a snitch... a gossip mongerer. Because even my boss who got fired wasn't mad at me. That's probably the worst part of all.

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4 Responses Apr 19, 2010

Got to watch that electronic watch dog. E-mail.

ps dont feel bad, it happens. He shouldn't have said anything.

Never put anything in print or say anthing you dont want repeated my Mom always said.

Sorry, not going to yell at you. You were concerned, but you have to know work email is not private. You probably could have waited till you asked Rick in person, but I have no way of knowing that. If you were only motivated by concern for yourself and your friend, then you have nothing to feel bad about.