Got Spankings Everyday Of My Live When I Was A Child

So it started getting spanked at an early age i received my first spanking at 3jears old with a belt by my mom. my father spanked me with a paddle. my grandma spanked me with a belt or paddle. my granpa spanked me with a belt or wooden hairbrush. i got my first cane,rattan spanking on the age of 7jears old. and i am stil getting spanked at 25. so i got spanked everyday growing up
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it is very bad

terrible when they spank you how much time the pain and the marks to bum

sorry that yo ugot the belt at age 3 your parents must of been mean to you<br />
i was sapnk tilll i moveout that was end of my teen years

I think 3 is a bit young. Sorry to hear it. I think i was six when i got my first hard spanking. It was bare bottom over moms knee. It hurt like hell. It was definitely not my last.

I sort of know how you feel...Just got my first adult spanking a few weeks ago, on my bare bottom before bedtime, by my father. Its embarrassing and Painful. Tho he just used his hand. I was once spanked by my mother with a wooden hairbrush, I think I was 14- If i recall right I had called her mean things and yelled at her. I remember the that evening I was over her knees bare bottom, getting my behind tanned red with the hairbrush. After that I was told to go to bed, and was grounded for two weeks...Not as though as you, but still. I can relate and sympathize. Love Signe.

i got completely nude *** whippings till i was 18

I know the feeling, i got it nude until 21.

Wow, that is kind harsh for three year with a belt